HealthNatural remedies to aid anxiety treatment

Natural remedies to aid anxiety treatment

Sharon was at a job where she felt unappreciated and overworked. Not only was she not making enough money to survive, she also had no time or energy left to look for a new job. Her sense of loyalty and responsibility, along with the paralyzing fears she faced at work kept her from leaving that unfulfilling job.

She loved what she did, and the people she worked with, but hated the feeling of anxiety she experienced every time she thought about going to work, every time her supervisor came to talk to her, and every time more demands were put on her plate.

Letting Anxiety Consume Your Life

Sharon considered herself a very healthy person with very healthy habits. Prior to this job, she regularly practiced yoga, ate healthily, meditated, rarely drank alcohol, and was in touch with her feelings, but somehow anxiety was taking over her life.

Without realizing it, she allowed the tension and stress of her job to affect her body and spirit. She had gained weight, was sleeping poorly, was on pins and needles at work and irritable at home, drank more alcohol than usual, got startled easily, had strong heart palpitations, got sick frequently, and lost track of her inspiration.

Her work environment was not pleasant for anyone. However, her reactions were different than the rest of her coworkers. Some of her coworkers talked to their spouses, some developed hobbies that they could look forward to during work, and others decided it was best for them to leave. If she was so healthy and insightful, how come she was not finding relief? How was this anxiety affecting her well-being?

Despite working on her limiting beliefs and dysfunctional patterns with her counselor, Sharon still felt drained and depleted. Every day was a struggle to keep her energy up and her mood happy and calm. She knew that there was something else happening at the spiritual and energetic level. Even though her healthy lifestyle was supporting her, it was not enough to release or manage her anxiety.

She needed some extra tools to go along with her current treatment plan. Here’s how Sharon got her energy back and how she released herself from anxiety using these natural remedies.

1. Chakra Balancing Meditation

Follow a chakra meditation every morning right after waking up. Spend 15 minutes calming your mind and energy by focusing on balancing each of your chakras. Notice where your energy is depleted and where it is overloaded and visualize getting them back in balance. Whenever you feel your anxiety rise during the day, perform five minutes of meditation.

2. Prana Clearing

Cleanse the prana, or life force, in your environment and body field, especially after a particularly intense day or stressful week. Any time you start feeling anxious, practice deep, slow cleansing breaths while you chant a word or mantra that resonates with you. You can try the word OM, Amen, RAM, Shalom, or any other high vibrational word. Feel these words vibrate in your body and project them to your environment.

3. Tapping the Meridians

Whenever you notice your anxiety rising, tap on specific acupressure points along the meridians of your body. Tapping with your fingers on a specific point releases the blockage of energy and decreases anxiety symptoms. These techniques are very easy to do and work fast.

4. Inspirational cards

Inspirational, affirmation, or angel cards are useful in providing insight about a situation or to remind us that everything happens for a reason. It can help your mind relax and focus on the bigger picture. Reading daily inspirational cards can also provide you with a sense of hope and move you out of an anxious feeling.

5. Cleansing baths

A cleansing bath is a simple way to calm your anxiety and clear your energy. Set up your bathroom with candles and soothing music and prepare a warm bath with sea salt, lavender and baking soda. Each of these ingredients help shift, soothe and recharge your energy vibration.

6. Crystals

Crystals have special properties that can help move or rebalance the energy of a room or your body. In your chakra meditation, notice which chakra needs rebalancing and use the energy of a crystal to assist. A popular crystal used for anxiety is Lapis Lazuli. Carry a Lapis Lazuli stone in your pocket, wear it in jewelry, or place it on your desk to help calm your nervous system.

7. Smudge

In many religions and traditions, the burning of a bundle of herbs, like sage, is used to purify and cleanse an area or a person’s spirit. When we are under a lot of stress, we can feel vulnerable and pick up other people’s negativity and anxiety. Burn sage the way you would burn incense and pass it around each room of your house and corners of your office. Smudge yourself as well.

It’s the Small Things that Make a Big Difference

These are only a few things you could do to calm your anxiety. The idea is that it’s easy to give yourself a second wind of energy on any rough day. Incorporating just one of these activities can substantially improve the quality of your life. Sometimes all we need is a few moments to ourselves to remind us that the world isn’t as chaotic as it seems.

Ph.D in Clinical Psychology at California Institute For Human Science

Nancy De Andrade, Ph.D, OM earned her Ph.D in Clinical Psychology at the California Institute for Human Science. She also has a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. Aside from her academics, she is also a soul-level counselor and ordained minister. Dr. Andrade specializes in guiding individuals in shifting and transforming their limiting beliefs through consciousness, awareness, and advanced energy psychology techniques. Her alternative and holistic methods include Eastern traditions as well as Shamanic teachings combined with Western methodologies.

Dr. Andrade’s experience in counseling includes working with elders, adults, children, the Latino community in San Diego, and incorporating the use of art and creative expression as well as spirituality and mindfulness. She is also an instructor for the Motivational Institute of Hypnotherapy and the San Diego State University School of Social Work.

Along with her private practice in San Diego, California, Nancy is part of the Rebecca’s House Eating Disorder Treatment Program’s team and is currently working on publishing some of her work on mental health and spirituality.


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