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BetterHelp Reviews 2023 – Results, Price & Features, How To Start With Better Help?

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In today’s landscape, BetterHelp stands out as a prominent name in the field of online therapy tools and is experiencing a significant upsurge in usage. However, in the midst of this surge, the challenge of finding the ideal telehealth provider tailored to one’s unique circumstances remains a daunting task.

As a leader in this rapidly expanding field, Better Help stands ready to connect users with licensed therapists for web-based therapy sessions. With its emphasis on accessibility, the company emphasises its ability to enable individuals to access e-counselling services with the utmost convenience, regardless of geographical limitations. Nevertheless, a lingering question remains: Can BetterHelp really live up to its claims and the reputation it has built?

What Is BetterHelp?

What is BetterHelp

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in the tech hub of Silicon Valley, BetterHelp found itself under the wings of telehealth giant Teladoc in 2015, although it retained its original brand identity.

At its core, BetterHelp’s online platform serves as a gateway for individuals to access the services of professional counsellors at their convenience and on their own terms. This innovative approach gives users the flexibility to access counselling services via a computer, tablet or smartphone, making the therapeutic process significantly more convenient, adaptable and cost-effective than traditional face-to-face appointments. It also ensures that individuals can maintain their privacy during therapy, a key feature of the service.

BetterHelp has carved out a niche as a viable solution for those who face barriers to accessing face-to-face therapy, whether due to geographical constraints or health limitations. It is also an appropriate choice for those seeking a more flexible therapy regime, as it allows users to select mental health professionals according to their availability, ensuring that support is readily available when needed.

According to BetterHelp, its cadre of counsellors is equipped to help individuals address the barriers that interfere with their enjoyment of life and their progress towards personal goals.

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Customer Reviews And Brand Reputation

As of our most recent update, BetterHelp has an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has been accredited since 2015. This rating takes into account factors such as the company’s longevity, complaint resolution history, transparency, and any regulatory actions.

On Trustpilot, Better Help has an average customer rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, supported by a substantial pool of over 6,500 reviews. Satisfied users praise the effectiveness of the therapists, the convenience of the platform and the flexibility it offers in finding suitable therapists. Critical BetterHelp reviews, on the other hand, raise concerns about unexpected fees, irregular appointments, and challenges in finding therapists with specific expertise, such as issues related to the LGBTQIA+ community.

Based on more than 550 Better Help reviews, the platform has an average customer rating of 4.03 out of 5 stars on the BBB. Positive feedback highlights the compatibility of advisors and the user-friendly nature of the online platform. However, less favourable BetterHelp review touch on billing issues, reimbursement problems and occasional difficulties in scheduling appointments with counsellors.

On the BetterHelp website itself, customer reviews are generally positive, highlighting the platform’s ease of use, convenience and flexibility. However, similar to other platforms, some users express concerns about therapist availability, billing processes and reimbursement issues. In addition, some people mention difficulties in using the live chat feature and report a reluctance to schedule video or phone sessions. Here are more testimonials from users on social media or forums

BetterHelp Experience Customer Reviews

BetterHelp Reviews Review Experience

BetterHelp Reviews Review Experiences Better Help

Our Journey With BetterHelp

Our editor embarked on a two-month therapeutic exploration and is here to share her unique experience.

Previous encounters with therapy
Having ventured into various forms of talk therapy in the past, the prospect of trying BetterHelp and engaging with a new therapist for my mental wellbeing wasn’t particularly daunting. However, I understand that this can be a challenging process and finding the right match is crucial to fostering a sense of comfort.

The start
BetterHelp begins the registration process with a questionnaire that covers aspects such as age, gender, sexuality, spiritual and religious inclinations, relationship status and more. You will also be asked to state what you expect from your therapist, whether it is setting goals, exploring your past or learning new coping skills. You can also provide a brief insight into the challenges you are currently facing. The platform then uses these answers to match you with a suitable therapist.

“I was pleasantly surprised to receive a matching therapist within just three hours. While I acknowledge that not everyone will experience the same speed of match, the therapist I was matched with is a perfect match for my preferences. For people new to therapy, this can be a journey of discovery. Unlike me, who knows what works, some people may find that the initial match isn’t quite right for them, or that their needs are different from their initial expectations.”

The first session
“I opted for a video session as I prefer face-to-face interaction to text-based chat. The session started promptly and I informed the therapist about my history, previously diagnosed mental health conditions and the specific challenges I was seeking support for.

It is worth noting that the therapist mentioned that she had not received any information about me prior to the start of the session, suggesting that the data shared during the registration process may not reach the therapist. This felt somewhat counterproductive, as I ended up repeating information that I assumed she already had access to.

However, overall the first session went smoothly. My therapist displays professionalism, empathy, attentive listening and a genuine enthusiasm for our discussions.”

Continuing the journey
“Since the first session, I’ve had several engaging and insightful dialogues with my therapist. What’s more, rescheduling appointments that I was unable to attend proved to be an effortless task. All I had to do was access my chat room, click on the reschedule option for my next appointment and select a new date from my therapist’s calendar.”

BetterHelp excels at sending reminders for upcoming appointments, but receiving multiple texts and emails regarding routine sessions can be a little overwhelming. While this feature could be a lifesaver for people who struggle with keeping track of appointments, it might be wise to adjust the frequency for those who find it excessive.

The weekly cost is in line with my expectations, and the option to reduce the number of sessions per month to manage costs is a commendable feature that caters for those on variable incomes and those looking for longer intervals between sessions.

Final thoughts
“I am really pleased with my journey with BetterHelp so far, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to our readers. The whole process has been seamless and I feel fortunate to have been matched with a therapist who met my needs right from the start.

However, my main concern revolves around the company’s historical controversies regarding privacy. I strongly advise prospective users to carefully review the company’s privacy policy before signing up, and to carefully consider the information they are willing to share.”

How Does BetterHelp Work?

BetterHelp’s operational framework is designed to provide counselling services tailored to a diverse clientele, including adults, couples, adolescents, first responders and veterans, among others.

The foundation of BetterHelp’s service is based on working with a large number of licensed counsellors, all of whom hold either a Master’s or Doctorate degree in their respective fields, complemented by a minimum of three years of practical experience, including a substantial 1,000 hours of hands-on practice.

The list of BetterHelp counsellors represents a spectrum of professional backgrounds, including marriage and family therapy, psychology, clinical social work and professional counselling.

To begin the therapeutic journey, BetterHelp uses a process whereby individuals are matched with appropriate therapists based on their responses to an online multiple choice questionnaire. Each individual is then assigned a online chat room, exclusive to them and their assigned therapist, providing a discreet platform for communication. This chat room is always accessible and encourages ongoing interaction between counsellor and client, although it’s important to note that the chats are not usually conducted in real time.

In addition to ongoing messaging communication, BetterHelp offers the option of one live session per week with the assigned counsellor. These live sessions can take the form of online chats, phone calls or video sessions, all conveniently scheduled within the confines of the individual’s designated chat room.

For those individuals who become dissatisfied with their assigned therapist, BetterHelp offers the flexibility to request a change of therapist directly from their user profile.

Starting Your Counselling Journey With BetterHelp: A step-by-step Guide

Using the services of BetterHelp, the online counselling platform, is a straightforward process consisting of the following key steps:

  1. Registration and Questionnaire Submission: The journey begins when individuals initiate the registration process on the BetterHelp platform. During this initial phase, registrants are asked to complete a comprehensive online questionnaire. This questionnaire asks for basic information such as gender, age, sexual orientation, relationship status and religious affiliation.

    It also explores the individual’s goals and motivations for seeking counselling, as well as the specific issues they are struggling with. In addition, registrants have the opportunity to indicate their preferences for certain counsellor attributes, such as religious background, gender and ethnicity.

  2. Thorough screening and matching process: Once the questionnaire has been submitted, BetterHelp’s experienced team conducts a meticulous review of the information provided. This rigorous assessment is the cornerstone of the platform’s precision in matching individuals with a counsellor best suited to their individual needs. The matching process, while efficient, can take several days to complete, ensuring a careful and considered selection.
  3. Access to the chat room: Upon successful matching, individuals are given access to a virtual ‘chat room’ in BetterHelp. This designated space serves as the primary channel for communication between the individual and their counsellor. Within this virtual room, individuals have the autonomy to schedule and participate in live messaging, phone or video sessions, facilitating real-time interaction with their chosen therapist.

BetterHelp Pricing

For those seeking accessible mental health support, cost is often a major concern. This prominent name in online counselling offers a transparent pricing structure that caters for a wide range of people. Here, we explore the intricacies of BetterHelp’s pricing model and shed light on what clients can expect when embarking on their mental health journey.

The price tag:
BetterHelp’s counselling sessions cost between $65 and $90, resulting in a monthly outlay of between $260 and $360. It’s worth noting, however, that the actual cost can vary depending on several factors, including your geographic location, personal preferences and therapist availability. This pricing paradigm is in stark contrast to traditional therapy, which often charges fees ranging from $80 to well over $160 per session.

Comprehensive benefits:
BetterHelp subscribers enjoy a host of benefits designed to enhance their therapeutic experience. These benefits include a weekly live video, phone or chat session with their counsellor, the flexibility to message their counsellor at any time, and access to a wide range of worksheets and courses tailored to support their mental health journey. Clients also have the flexibility to choose a weekly, monthly or quarterly billing cycle to suit their individual preferences and needs.

Cancellation Policy:
BetterHelp’s cancellation policy is notable for its flexibility. Clients are not charged cancellation fees if they wish to end their membership or change therapists. However, it’s important to note that unused sessions do not carry over to the next billing cycle.

If a subscription is cancelled after a new billing cycle has started, clients will be required to pay for the remaining sessions in that cycle. To avoid such scenarios, clients are encouraged to cancel their subscription before the start of the next cycle. It is also advisable to discuss any no-show or cancellation fees for individual sessions with your counsellor.

Insurance and Medicaid Coverage:
Clients often ask if insurance or Medicaid are accept. It’s important to note that BetterHelp generally does not accept insurance, and its services are generally not covered by Medicare or Medicaid.

Insurance reimbursement for mental health services usually requires a formal diagnosis, and insurance companies may access this diagnosis along with other treatment details. Because BetterHelp’s therapists do not provide diagnoses, their services do not meet the requirements for insurance reimbursement.

Support for veterans and frontline workers:
BetterHelp extends a heartfelt gesture of support by offering a free month of therapy to veterans and frontline workers. This initiative underscores the platform’s commitment to supporting those who have served their communities and countries during challenging times. In addition, significant discounts are available for individuals with demonstrated financial need, further enhancing the affordability and accessibility of the platform.

Financial assistance:
For individuals facing financial constraints, BetterHelp strives to be an inclusive resource. During the registration process, clients are asked to complete questionnaires that gather information about their financial situation, including details such as their spouse’s employment status, combined income, military service history, number of dependents, ethnicity and housing type.

In addition, customers have the opportunity to apply for financial assistance when selecting a payment plan and receive an immediate response regarding their eligibility. Those experiencing financial hardship may be eligible for a discount, potentially reducing their weekly subscription fee to approximately $65.

These BetterHelp financial assistance discounts are valid for a period of three months, and customers can conveniently check the expiry date in the payment settings section of their portal. To ensure uninterrupted support, clients are encouraged to reapply for financial assistance one week before their discount expires.

BetterHelp’s Range Of Therapies

BetterHelps Range of Therapies

BetterHelp offers a wide range of therapeutic services to meet the diverse mental health needs of its clientele. Here we take a closer look at the different types of therapy, each tailored to address specific mental health challenges and preferences:

  • First Responder Therapy: Tailored for those who work in high-stress or potentially traumatic environments, this therapy is designed to support first responders, including those involved in natural disasters, crime scenes and other demanding situations.
  • Veterans therapy: Veterans and active military personnel can access specialised counselling services to address their unique mental health needs.
  • COVID-19 Frontline Worker Therapy: Healthcare professionals who have worked or are working on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic can benefit from targeted counselling services provided by BetterHelp.
  • Therapist specialisations:
    BetterHelp therapists often have specific specialisations to meet the diverse needs of clients. These specialisations can include expertise in areas such as anxiety, depression, anger management and more. During the registration process, clients have the option to specify their areas of focus in order to be matched with a therapist who matches their needs.
  • Individual therapy: Designed for individuals seeking one-on-one support, this therapy option allows clients to connect with a licensed professional and discuss their mental health concerns in a discreet setting.
  • Couples Therapy: Couples looking to address relationship issues can benefit from this specialised therapy. BetterHelp refers individuals and their partners to ReGain, a platform it operates to facilitate relationship-focused counselling.
  • Group therapy: BetterHelp hosts group therapy sessions that focus on specific mental health challenges such as depression, grief, relationship problems or substance use disorders. These sessions can accommodate up to 15 participants and foster a supportive community for sharing experiences and insights.
  • Pride Therapy: BetterHelp offers LGBTQ individuals the opportunity to connect with therapists experienced in dealing with LGBTQ issues. Clients are referred to BetterHelp’s Pride Counselling service to access LGBTQ-affirming therapy.
  • Faith-based therapy: Individuals seeking counselling with a religious or faith-based focus can be matched with appropriate therapists through Faithful Counseling, another BetterHelp platform.
  • Teen therapy: Parents seeking counselling for their teenagers can access this specialised service. Better Help directs them to Teen Counselling, another platform it operates, which is tailored to the specific needs of teens.

Session Formats

BetterHelp offers a range of session formats to suit clients’ preferences and lifestyles. These include

  • Phone sessions: BetterHelp facilitates therapy through phone sessions. Clients schedule a session, log into their therapy room, provide their phone number and the system initiates a call to connect them with their therapist.
  • Video sessions: For face-to-face interaction, clients can opt for live video sessions. Participants log in at the scheduled time and the therapist sends an invitation to begin a video chat.
  • Journaling: BetterHelp offers a journaling feature for individuals who prefer to explore their thoughts and feelings through writing. Prompts are provided to guide clients in their journaling practice.
  • Live chat: Similar to the chat room, clients can engage in real-time conversations with their therapist, allowing for immediate responses and interaction.
  • Chat Room: Clients can communicate with their assigned therapist through a chat room at their convenience, with the flexibility to access messages at any time. However, response times may not be immediate.

In summary, BetterHelp’s comprehensive range of therapy options, coupled with a variety of session formats, aims to make mental health support accessible and tailored to individual needs. With specialised services for different demographics and a range of therapeutic modalities, it strives to provide effective and convenient counselling solutions for a wide range of clients.

BetterHelp’s Commitment To Privacy

BetterHelp takes your privacy and confidentiality seriously. the information that you share is protected by data privacy laws. For more information about how BetterHelp protects your therapist interactions and more, please review their privacy policy.

Exploring The Pros And Vons Of BetterHelp

In the realm of therapeutic treatments, online therapy such as BetterHelp comes with a number of advantages and disadvantages that warrant careful consideration. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons:


  • Accessibility: BetterHelp is accessible from both mobile and desktop devices, increasing its usability for a wide range of users.
  • Affordability: A notable advantage is the cost-effectiveness of BetterHelp compared to traditional face-to-face therapy.
  • Qualified therapists: The platform prides itself on its roster of qualified therapists, all of whom hold master’s or doctoral degrees in their respective fields.
  • Asynchronous messaging feature: The platform offers an messaging feature for interaction with qualified therapists anytime.
  • Flexibility and convenience: BetterHelp offers a very flexible and convenient way to seek therapeutic help.


  • Limited medication prescriptions: It’s worth noting that counsellors on the platform cannot prescribe medication.
  • Insurance coverage: The majority of insurance companies do not cover BetterHelp’s services, which can be a limitation for those seeking reimbursement.
  • Internet connection requirement: Access to a device with a reliable internet connection is essential to using BetterHelp, which may be a challenge for some individuals.
  • Automatic billing: A potential drawback is the automatic billing system, which may charge users even if there are no confirmed appointments.
  • Reduced direct contact: While online therapy has its advantages, there is less direct contact between individuals and their counsellors. However, previous research suggests that online mental health services provide comparable outcomes to face-to-face alternatives.

Is BetterHelp Legit?

BetterHelp, the widely recognised e-counselling platform, has earned a reputation for its credibility and effectiveness. In particular, the platform boasts an impressive A- rating from the Better Business Bureau, a testament to its commitment to providing quality mental health services.

One of the hallmarks of BetterHelp's credibility is its list of counsellors, all of whom are licensed professionals. Whether they are qualified psychologists, family therapists or clinical social workers, clients can be assured that they are receiving guidance from qualified experts in the field.

In addition, a remarkable study conducted by researchers at the University of California sheds light on BetterHelp's impact on mental health. In this study, 318 people using the services had their depression levels monitored over a three-month period. The results showed a striking trend, with over a third of participants reporting a significant reduction in depressive symptoms.

While it's important to note that this particular study didn't look at the longevity of these positive outcomes or explore other areas of improvement, such as overall well-being, quality of life or relationship improvement, it's encouraging to note that people from a variety of backgrounds, ages, genders and income levels benefited from the platform.

In addition, the Berkeley study made a fascinating comparison, highlighting that the reduction in depression symptoms achieved through BetterHelp was on a par with the results typically observed in face-to-face counselling sessions. This suggests that their online counselling services offer a comparable level of support and effectiveness, reinforcing its status as a legitimate and valuable resource for individuals seeking mental health support.

Is BetterHelp Right For You?

Deciding whether BetterHelp is right for your specific mental health needs and circumstances requires careful consideration. Here we outline the scenarios in which it may be a suitable option and those in which alternative approaches or resources may be more appropriate:

BetterHelp could be useful if:

  • Budget constraints: BetterHelp’s pricing structure, which is often more affordable than traditional therapy, may make it an attractive option for individuals with budgetary concerns.
  • Lack of mental health insurance coverage: For those without mental health insurance, BetterHelp provides an accessible way to receive professional support.
  • Seeking advice for different needs: BetterHelp offers counselling for adult individuals, couples and groups, and caters for a wide range of mental health needs.
  • Limited mobility or accessibility: If you face challenges related to mobility, leaving your home, or accessing physical clinic locations, BetterHelp’s online platform can provide convenient access to therapy.
  • Time constraints: Those with limited availability during standard clinic hours can benefit from the flexibility of BetterHelp’s online counselling, which allows for scheduling at times that work for you.
  • Parental responsibilities: If you are caring for children and find it difficult to commit to in-person therapy sessions, Better Help’s remote counselling may be a more feasible solution.
  • Desire for Disrection: If you prefer to remain discreet while working with a therapist, BetterHelp allows you to use a chosen nickname.
  • Exploratory phase: If you are new to therapy and in the process of identifying your specific needs, BetterHelp can serve as an introductory platform to gain insight into your mental health journey.

However, BetterHelp may not be appropriate if

  • Medication Prescriptions: If you are seeking medication prescriptions or management, traditional face-to-face medical appointments with a psychiatrist may be more appropriate.
  • Safety concerns or urgent needs: If you feel unsafe or have urgent mental health needs, it is imperative that you contact crisis services or seek immediate assistance from local mental health professionals.
  • Severe mental illness: Individuals with severe mental illness may require more intensive, face-to-face support, which BetterHelp may not be able to provide.
  • Computer aversion: If you are uncomfortable using computers or digital platforms, the online nature of BetterHelp’s services may not suit your preferences.
  • Crisis Situations: In cases of acute crisis, severe distress, or imminent risk of harm to self or others, immediate and face-to-face crisis services should be sought instead of online counselling.
  • Substance use disorder or withdrawal: Individuals struggling with substance use disorders or withdrawal symptoms often require specialised, face-to-face treatment and intervention.
  • Unreliable internet connection: A stable and reliable internet connection is essential for online therapy with BetterHelp. If this is not available, alternative options should be considered.

Frequently Asked Questions About BetterHelp

In an effort to provide clarity and insight, we address some of the most frequently asked questions about BetterHelp:

Is there any pending litigation against BetterHelp?

As of 2023, BetterHelp has settled the lawsuit filed against it.

What are the costs associated with BetterHelp?

BetterHelp offers its services at a competitive price, with fees ranging from $60 to $90 per week. In addition, financial assistance options are available to ensure accessibility for a wider range of users.

Does BetterHelp produce positive results?

While BetterHelp is not a universal solution, it is a convenient alternative to traditional therapy that may prove beneficial for certain individuals. In fact, a notable study conducted in 2019 found that Better Help users experienced a significant reduction in the severity of their depression symptoms over a three-month period.

Is BetterHelp a legitimate platform?

Yes. In fact, BetterHelp is a legitimate company that facilitates access to therapy through licensed and qualified therapists.

What caused the BetterHelp controversy?

The BetterHelp controversy came to the fore when the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) discovered that the company had shared sensitive health information of millions of customers with various advertisers, including major platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Criteo and Pinterest. This action violated the company’s privacy assurances.

In March 2023, in response to these findings, the FTC ordered BetterHelp to refund more than $7 million to affected customers. In addition, it was required to update its privacy policy and implement a data retention schedule that limits the length of time customer data is retained. The FTC also prohibited Better Help from sharing health information with advertisers.

Let’s review: Online Therapy As An Alternative

Recent research suggests that online-based therapy may offer comparable benefits to face-to-face therapeutic interventions. A prominent player in the field of online counselling services is BetterHelp, a leading provider. The company boasts a discreet and user-friendly platform staffed by qualified therapists. In particular, the subscription fees for their services can prove to be more cost-effective than traditional face-to-face therapy sessions with certified professionals.

In addition, web-based therapy offers the advantage of convenience, giving users the flexibility to connect with a therapist at any time and from any location. This feature also allows for the possibility of changing therapists until the right fit is found.

It’s important to recognise that some people may still prefer the face-to-face therapeutic experience. However, for those inclined to explore online-based therapy, BetterHelp offers a viable option. The company generously offers a free 7-day trial, allowing prospective clients to try their services with no financial commitment and assess whether they meet their needs and preferences.


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Mark Willson, holding a Ph.D., functions as a psychotherapist in Washington, D.C. His specialized fields encompass addiction, anxiety, depression, as well as sexuality and interpersonal connections. Dr. Willson holds the distinction of being a diplomat for the American Board of Addiction and Anxiety, further serving as a certified counselor and addiction specialist.

Aside from his personal professional endeavors, Dr. Wilson has engaged in roles as an author, journalist, and creator within substantial medical documentary projects.

Isabella Clark, Ph.D., held the position of a professor within Emory University’s School of Medicine, working in the Department of Mental Health and Nutrition Science. Alongside this role, she served as a research associate affiliated with the National Research Center. Dr. Clark’s primary area of research centers on comprehending the mechanisms through which adverse social encounters, encompassing prolonged stress and traumatic exposure, contribute to a spectrum of detrimental mental health consequences and coexisting physical ailments like obesity. Her specific focus lies in unraveling the reasons behind the varying elevated susceptibility to stress-linked disorders between different genders.


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