TestosteroneFountain TRT In The Test: Reviews, Experiences And Self-Test 2024

Fountain TRT In The Test: Reviews, Experiences And Self-Test 2024

As men age, testosterone levels naturally decline, affecting some with symptoms such as reduced energy, muscle loss, weight gain and decreased sex drive, collectively known as low testosterone or hypogonadism. Around 40% of men over the age of 40 may experience this condition.

Fortunately, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) offers a solution to effectively restore testosterone levels. Traditionally, getting diagnosed and treated for low testosterone has been a complex process involving doctor visits, waiting periods, insurance hurdles and injections.

What Is Fountain TRT?

Fountain TRT is emerging as a revolutionary therapeutic approach designed to enhance holistic wellbeing and vitality. Through the application of sophisticated scientific principles, Fountain TRT distinguishes itself by orchestrating a cellular rejuvenation process that promotes longevity and slows the inevitable progression of ageing.

The distinctive and compelling attributes of Fountain TRT beckon us to unravel the intricacies of the scientific underpinnings of this groundbreaking therapeutic methodology.

Fountain TRT
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Our Fountain TRT Self-Test

Embarking on an evaluative journey, our team undertook a self-assessment of Fountain TRT to assess the efficacy and reliability of its comprehensive testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) methodology. Positioned as a distinctive online platform, Fountain TRT streamlines the assessment, prescription and treatment process, presenting itself as a convenient alternative to traditional medical settings.

To initiate this self-assessment, we guided our volunteer, Mark, through Fountain TRT’s concise yet insightful online Low-T assessment, meticulously designed by Dr Stember. This brief two-minute screening tool systematically assessed common symptoms of hypogonadism, including fatigue, weight fluctuations, decreased libido and mood changes.

When results indicated clinically low testosterone levels, Fountain TRT offered Mark the opportunity to undergo a blood test at one of its affiliated laboratories nationwide. This diagnostic measure, essential for accurate testosterone measurement, enabled Fountain’s medical professionals to closely scrutinise hormone levels.

Following the diagnostic phase, Mark had a virtual consultation with one of Fountain’s experienced physicians. This telehealth rendezvous replicated the comprehensive nature of a face-to-face consultation, delving into symptoms, reviewing lab results and formulating a personalised treatment plan tailored to Mark’s specific needs and desires.

If TRT was deemed appropriate, Fountain TRT took responsibility for securing prescription approval and ensuring the consistent delivery of prescribed treatments directly to Mark’s home. The streamlined telehealth framework not only ensured optimal convenience, but also eliminated the need for physical visits to a medical facility.

Throughout the self-assessment, Mark shared positive experiences with the Fountain TRT methodology. He praised the ease of use of the online assessment, and the virtual consultation was praised for its thoroughness and personalisation. The significant advantage of home treatment was highlighted by Mark, who observed improvements in both energy levels and mood over the course of the treatment.

In summary, Fountain TRT’s systematic and remote approach to testosterone replacement therapy proved to be effective, accessible and tailored to individual needs. Mark expressed satisfaction with the overall process and is considering continuing to work with Fountain TRT to further optimise his wellbeing.

Are There Any Fountain TRT Experiences Or Customer Reviews?

As part of our extensive research, we looked closely at customer insights and perspectives. During our research, we came across a large number of testimonials from customers detailing their individual experiences of using Fountain TRT over an extended period of time.

The vast majority of these testimonials about Fountain TRT were extremely positive. Many testified to successful muscle gain and improved well-being, and emphasised the ease of use. Some admitted that a certain amount of patience was required before the full effect was felt, but they subsequently experienced a significant improvement in their energy levels and body measurements.

Overall, the collective sentiment from encounters with Fountain TRT is overwhelmingly positive, leading many users to wholeheartedly endorse the therapeutic approach. In particular, it is highlighted that Fountain’s approach to muscle growth and sexual function and drive is perceived as pleasant, straightforward and enjoyable – an attribute that is praised by a significant number of individuals for its perceived effectiveness.

Fountain TRT Trustpilot Review

Fountain TRT Trustpilot Reviews

Real Fountain TRT Trustpilot Review

How Does Fountain TRT Work?

Fountain TRT uses a methodical approach that guides men through a comprehensive remote assessment and prescription process, eliminating the need to visit a traditional medical facility. The entire process is conducted online, facilitating the delivery of prescribed treatments directly to the individual’s home, whether in the form of a topical cream or injectable.

The process begins with a brief but informative online Low-T assessment, a carefully designed screener developed by Dr Stember. Tailored to assess common symptoms of hypogonadism such as fatigue, weight gain, decreased libido and mood swings, this assessment takes just two minutes to complete.

If the results indicate clinically low testosterone levels, individuals have the option to undergo blood testing at one of Fountain’s affiliated laboratories across the country. This diagnostic step provides accurate testosterone measurements, allowing Fountain TRT medical professionals to accurately assess hormone levels.

A virtual consultation with one of Fountain TRT experienced physicians is then scheduled, mirroring the comprehensive nature of an in-person visit. During this telehealth appointment, symptoms are discussed, lab results are reviewed, and a personalised treatment plan is developed to address the individual’s unique needs and desires.

If TRT is deemed appropriate, Fountain TRT takes responsibility for securing prescription approval and ensuring consistent delivery to the individual’s home. The streamlined telemedicine framework ensures that the entire treatment process remains extremely convenient, eliminating the need for any physical visits to a medical facility.

The Benefits Of Fountain TRT

Fountain TRT offers a wide range of physical and psychological benefits, promoting a comprehensive improvement in overall wellbeing. Whether the goal is to enhance physical aesthetics or strengthen mental health, Fountain TRT offers a multifaceted approach to meet individual needs.

The psychological potential of Fountain TRT

Fountain TRT is proving to be a catalyst for profound positive changes in mental wellbeing. Let’s unlock the psychological effects that have won acclaim and recognition.

As we embark on this journey, Fountain TRT reveals its ability to promote mental clarity and heightened focus. Countless individuals attest to an enhanced sense of cognitive acuity, experiencing a newfound sharpness of mind after seamlessly integrating Fountain TRT into their daily regimen.

Beyond cognitive enhancement, Fountain TRT’s influence extends to mood enhancement and stress reduction. The harmonious blend of its natural components orchestrates a symphony of calm and relaxation, equipping individuals with the resilience to effectively manage the rigours of daily stressors.

In addition, Fountain TRT stands as a beacon for cognitive enhancement, with users reporting tangible improvements in memory retention, increased concentration and an overall increase in mental performance. Whether you’re a dedicated student looking to sharpen your academic skills, or a professional navigating the complexities of a career, Fountain TRT beckons as a conduit to unlocking the mental edge essential for excellence.

Improving physical wellbeing with Fountain TRT

In the realm of Fountain TRT, a tapestry of transformative effects awaits those seeking a harmonious fusion of health and aesthetics. Let’s delve into its multi-faceted advantages.

Commencing our exploration, Fountain TRT’s prowess extends beyond the surface, catalyzing a harmonious interplay of elements that elevate one’s well-being. A noteworthy facet lies in its profound impact on achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Users have attested to its ability to synergistically boost metabolism and facilitate fat burning, making it a formidable ally in the quest for a balanced and resilient physique.

Turning our attention to the sculpting of the physical form, Fountain TRT emerges as a key player in the enhancement of muscle tone. By propelling muscle growth and augmenting muscle mass, it not only refines one’s physique but also contributes to the cultivation of a sculpted and robust bodily presence.

Simultaneously, Fountain TRT’s influence extends to the realm of skin health, where its users report a visible transformation in skin elasticity. The reduction of fine lines and wrinkles stands testament to its rejuvenating effects, unveiling a more youthful and radiant skin texture.

An additional dimension of Fountain TRT’s impact is its contribution to sustained energy levels. Users attest to a pervasive sense of vitality and motivation that permeates their daily lives, enhancing their ability to approach tasks with ease and enthusiasm.

In addressing the intricate balance of hormones, Fountain TRT emerges as a valuable ally. Countering imbalances that often manifest as mood swings, fatigue, and weight fluctuations, it plays a pivotal role in restoring equilibrium and fostering a holistic sense of well-being.

Fountain TRT Services

Fountain TRT Services

Fountain TRT offers a range of services tailored to address concerns about testosterone levels. The initial phase involves a short 5 minute online questionnaire, which is available on the Fountain TRT website. This questionnaire acts as an initial self-assessment tool, allowing individuals to identify signs of low testosterone by assessing aspects such as muscle development, fat loss and sexual performance.

Following the initial assessment, individuals have the option to purchase an assessment package from Fountain TRT. This package includes a carefully conducted laboratory verified blood testosterone test, a key component in the accurate diagnosis of low testosterone levels. For the convenience of clients in major urban areas, Fountain TRT facilitates the arrangement of a qualified medical professional to perform the blood test at the individual’s home, for an additional fee of approximately $55.

Upon completion of the blood test, individuals are given access to a comprehensive one-on-one TRT medical consultation with a healthcare professional. This consultation is usually conducted via online video conferencing and lasts up to 45 minutes. During this session, the healthcare professional will review the blood test results in detail and discuss potential treatment options.

Fountain TRT offers a variety of treatment options to treat low testosterone levels. These options include topical creams and injections containing testosterone cypionate. Individuals can also choose gels, pellets or patches to suit their specific preferences.

Once the healthcare professional has determined that TRT is a prudent course of action based on blood testosterone levels and symptoms experienced, a prescription is issued. This prescription is essential for the legal purchase of synthetic testosterone in the United States.

To maintain an ongoing dialogue with clients, Fountain TRT uses text messaging as a means of ongoing communication. This makes it easy to schedule appointments, coordinate necessary lab tests and provide guidance throughout the treatment process.

Leading Medical Professionals In Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Fountain TRT represents the pinnacle of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and boasts a cadre of highly qualified medical professionals.

Recognising the paramount importance of working with experienced physicians when initiating testosterone therapy, Dr Stember has carefully curated a team at Fountain TRT that includes some of the most accomplished physicians in the field.

The medical experts at Fountain TRT are not only well versed, but also have a deep understanding of the intricacies surrounding Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

Key attributes of the Fountain TRT medical team:

Holistic patient care: The clinic’s physicians have an unwavering commitment to the holistic health and well-being of their patients. They closely monitor and adjust treatment plans to ensure optimal outcomes.

Expertise Beyond Measure: Within the ranks of the Fountain TRT team are astute physicians who are proficient in navigating every facet of TRT.

Pinnacle of TRT Knowledge: With years of hands-on experience, the medical professionals demonstrate a mastery of the nuances inherent in testosterone replacement therapy.

If you are looking for a competent and experienced team of experts dedicated to increasing your testosterone levels, Fountain TRT is the clear choice.

Fountain TRT Treatment Options

Fountain TRT offers a range of treatment options tailored to the needs of men starting testosterone therapy. Within the range of TRT options offered by the clinic, several have gained notable popularity:

  • Testosterone Patches
  • Testosterone Pellets
  • Testosterone Creams
  • Testosterone Injections

Within Fountain TRT’s clinical approach, there is an overwhelming preference for testosterone creams and injections among the majority of patients. This strategic choice is consistent with the recognition that both testosterone creams and injections are the most widely accepted and effective modalities in the field of TRT.

While testosterone patches and pellets remain viable alternatives, their use tends to result in suboptimal patient outcomes, making them comparatively less favoured within the treatment landscape.

Testosterone Patches

An avenue within the spectrum of Fountain TRT is the use of testosterone patches.

Mechanism: Testosterone patches are applied directly to the skin, typically on the shoulder, and allow the gradual release of testosterone into the body over a 24-hour cycle. After this period, they are replaced with a new testosterone patch.

Pros: The use of testosterone patches requires only once-daily administration, results in increased testosterone levels, and is free of discomfort.

Cons: Despite their advantages, testosterone patches cause greater fluctuations in testosterone levels than their cream counterparts. This variability in hormone levels leads Fountain TRT to favour testosterone creams over patches.

Testosterone Pellets

Although testosterone pellets are not widely used, some patients may find them preferable to testosterone injections or creams.

How it works: Testosterone pellets work by gradually releasing testosterone into the body over a three-month period, making them a low-maintenance therapeutic alternative.

Application: Testosterone pellets are surgically implanted into the body, typically near the hip, and require replacement every three months to maintain their continuous release of testosterone.

Pros: Notably, pellets require the least maintenance of any testosterone treatment option. Following the surgical procedure, patients experience a seamless three-month period without intervention.

Cons: Despite their convenience, testosterone pellets are associated with significant fluctuations in testosterone levels. In addition, the need for surgical replacement every three months and inconsistent achievement of optimal testosterone levels are disadvantages.

While testosterone pellets are an acceptable choice for certain patients, the prevailing opinion among medical professionals at Fountain TRT is strongly in favour of testosterone creams and injections. This preference is rooted in the superior overall outcomes observed with these modalities, reinforcing their prominence in the clinic’s approach to testosterone replacement therapy.

Testosterone Creams

Choosing testosterone creams is a good alternative for those who are uncomfortable with the idea of taking testosterone injections. Unlike conventional injections, testosterone creams show comparable efficacy, but with nuanced differences that warrant attention.

Mechanism: Testosterone cream is applied twice a day – morning and evening – where the drug penetrates the skin, leading to a rapid increase in blood testosterone levels.

Pros: Testosterone cream is painless, has minimal side effects and is easy to use. However, it is slightly more expensive than testosterone injections.

Cons: For optimal results, testosterone cream needs to be applied carefully 1-2 times a day. In addition, its cost is relatively higher than that of testosterone injections, and care must be taken to avoid unintentional transfer of the drug through skin contact immediately after application.

In the realm of testosterone therapy, testosterone creams are emerging as a highly commendable treatment option, favoured by experienced TRT practitioners at Fountain TRT. Renowned for their painless administration, ease of use and minimal overall side effects, testosterone creams are a preferred choice in the field of hormone therapy.

Testosterone Injections

Testosterone injections are the traditional cornerstone of testosterone therapy, often hailed as the gold standard of treatment. Their extensive study over decades underscores their consistent delivery of favourable patient outcomes.

Mode of action: Administered 1-3 times per week, testosterone injections involve the use of a sterile syringe to inject the testosterone drug into a major muscle group, such as the shoulder or buttocks.

Pros: Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) injections have a strong base of clinical evidence to support their effectiveness. With a long history of successful use, they provide commendable patient outcomes with a relatively low incidence of side effects.

Potential side effects: Adverse effects associated with TRT injections may include skin irritation, increased red blood cell count, acne, and nausea.

Among the first-line options for TRT, testosterone injections, along with testosterone creams, claim their status as one of the two main treatment options. Their efficacy is undeniable, requiring only 1-3 weekly administrations. However, while it is recognised that injections may not be suitable for all patients, testosterone creams offer a viable alternative for those who are uncomfortable with the idea of injectable therapy.

Fountain TRT Cost

Fountain TRT Cost

FountainTRT is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and patient-focused Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) programme with a strong emphasis on professionalism.

The transparent and affordable pricing structure sets it apart.

  • Injections are available at a price of $399 for a 10-week supply, which equates to $160 per month or $40 per week.
  • The cream option is priced at $449 for a 3-month supply, which works out to $150 per month or $37 per week.

Unlike many competitors, Fountain TRT do not charge by dose, ensuring that costs remain predictable and accessible for the customers throughout their treatment journey.

In addition to traditional TRT, Fountain TRT offers a range of alternative and complementary treatments including Tadalafil, Sildenafil, Enclomiphene, hCG/Pregnyl, Anastrozole and Citrulline. The streamlined telehealth approach starts with a simple online TRT assessment. This is followed by a video call with a licensed healthcare provider to discuss symptoms and treatment goals. Prescribed medication is then conveniently delivered directly to your home within 2-3 days.

For people already on TRT, the transition to the service is seamless. The TRT assessment process, including a video call with a provider, ensures smooth continuity of care. Fountain also cater for those seeking alternative therapies, such as enclomiphene, through the comprehensive TRT assessment process.

How Much Muscle Can You Gain After Fountain TRT?

If you're on a journey to optimise your fitness through Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), you may be curious about the muscle gains it can bring. TRT plays a key role in restoring testosterone levels, which in turn can have a positive effect on muscle development. However, the amount of muscle you can gain after TRT is influenced by a number of factors.

These include individual genetics, training routine, diet and adherence to the treatment plan. While Fountain TRT can increase muscle protein synthesis and support overall strength, it's important to use it as an adjunct to a comprehensive fitness programme. Consult with your doctor and fitness professional to create a plan that maximises your muscle-building potential after TRT. Understanding the synergy between TRT, exercise and nutrition is key to making significant gains and achieving your fitness goals.

Does Starting Fountain TRT Improve Sexual Performance?

Taking Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) not only promises to improve muscle development, but can also have a positive impact on sexual performance. Testosterone, a key player in both muscle growth and sexual function, tends to decline with age. Through Fountain TRT, individuals can restore and optimise testosterone levels, potentially leading to improved muscle gain and sexual well-being.

When it comes to the question of whether starting TRT will improve sexual performance, the answer lies in the interplay between hormonal balance and physiological functions. Testosterone contributes to libido, erectile function and overall sexual satisfaction. While the degree of improvement varies from person to person, many people experience positive changes in sexual performance after starting Fountain TRT.

It’s important to note that the benefits go beyond sexual health. TRT, when used under proper medical guidance, can have a holistic effect on wellbeing, encompassing both physical and mental aspects. As with any medical intervention, individual responses may vary and consultation with healthcare professionals is paramount.

Fountain TRT Pros & Cons


  • Experienced team with a deep understanding of customer needs.
  • Convenience of managing the process from home, except for the blood test.
  • Acceptance of Health Savings Accounts (HSA) or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) for payments.
  • Comprehensive support from initial assessment to product purchase.
  • Specialised focus on Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).


  • Recognised as a top-tier provider, but comes with a higher price tag.
  • Financial investment required to access Fountain’s exceptional services.
  • Geographical limitations due to varying state laws in the US.
  • Not universally accessible depending on client location.

Potential Side Effects Of TRT

Fountain TRT has been recognised for its efficacy in treating various health problems. Despite its generally favourable tolerability profile, as with any therapeutic intervention, it may be associated with certain transient side effects. These effects, however transient, should be considered in order to ensure a smooth and reassuring therapeutic encounter.

Immediate Effects
The immediate effects of the Fountain TRT may vary from person to person. Some may experience mild gastrointestinal discomfort characterised by mild bloating or stomach upset. Such symptoms usually resolve themselves as the body adjusts to the treatment.

Temporary changes in sleep patterns may also occur during the early stages of Fountain treatment. Some people may have difficulty falling asleep or experience intermittent disruptions in their sleep cycle. These changes in sleep patterns are usually transient and improve as the body adjusts to the therapeutic regimen.

In addition, in isolated cases, mild allergic reactions may occur. These reactions may manifest as itching, mild swelling, or skin rashes. In the event of any allergic manifestations, it is imperative to seek immediate medical attention to determine the appropriate course of action.

It is important to recognise that while these immediate side effects may occur, they are generally mild and transient. The majority of people find that the benefits of the fountain TRT far outweigh these temporary inconveniences.

Potential Long-Term Effects
Given the relatively recent introduction of fountain therapy (Ft), in-depth research into its long-term effects is actively underway. However, the data currently available do not indicate any significant adverse effects. This reassuring information bodes well for people considering Fountain TRT as a long-term therapeutic option.

Despite this optimistic outlook, a prudent approach involves vigilant monitoring of individual responses to Fountain TRT. If necessary, dosage adjustments can be made under the careful supervision of a healthcare professional. Regular medical check-ups and transparent communication with a healthcare provider play a key role in the early identification and management of any potential long-term effects.

Crucially, it remains important to recognise the idiosyncratic nature of individual responses to treatment and the potential for variation in experience. It is therefore highly advisable to seek the advice of a healthcare professional who can offer personalised advice tailored to one’s specific health needs and medical history.

In summary, while Fountain TRT may have transient and mild short-term effects, ongoing research is investigating its long-term effects. The data currently available do not indicate any significant adverse effects. However, as a basic precaution, consultation with a healthcare professional is essential to ensure safe and effective use of Fountain TRT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a blood test necessary to start TRT?

Certainly, blood work is an integral part of the comprehensive Fountain TRT assessment and diagnostic process. Exceptions may be considered for individuals who have recently been diagnosed with low testosterone, provided that laboratory work has been completed within the last 3-6 months.

What exactly is testosterone therapy?

Testosterone therapy is a medical intervention strategically designed to alleviate the symptoms of low testosterone in men. This therapeutic approach aims to optimise testosterone levels, enabling men to look, feel and perform at their best.

Is testosterone cream as effective as injections?

Studies suggest that both testosterone creams and injections are similarly effective. However, injections have been more frequently associated with erythrocytosis, a potentially serious condition characterised by an elevated red blood cell count.

What is the expected length of treatment?

While the length of treatment varies, the majority of men typically require long-term adherence to TRT to maintain optimised testosterone levels. Your healthcare team will closely monitor your progress and advise you on when to stop treatment.

What payment options are available?

Fountain TRT offers flexible payment plans that allow you to conveniently pay your flat monthly fee in 3, 6 or 12 instalments. For a detailed discussion of these options, please feel free to contact your team.

How can I determine if Fountain TRT is the right choice for me?

Fountain TRT is an excellent choice for healthy men who are struggling with low testosterone levels and associated symptoms that are affecting their daily lives. However, it is important to recognise that this option may not be suitable for everyone.

For people with certain medical conditions, such as breast or prostate cancer, testosterone therapy carries potential risks. In such cases, it is advisable to consult a healthcare professional. If you are unsure, consider taking Fountain’s free assessment to assess your suitability. Rest assured, your dedicated team will guide you through every step, with your safety and comfort at the forefront.


Fountain TRT offers a tailored approach to the management of low testosterone (low T), with the expertise of specialist physicians providing comprehensive support throughout the treatment journey. Complementing its commitment to personalised care, the facility offers the convenience of remote consultations, ongoing support, unrestricted communication with healthcare providers via unlimited text messaging, and the option of at-home blood testing, ensuring accessibility and maximum convenience in the treatment process.

As part of its comprehensive membership, the cost of treatment becomes predictable and can prove more economical than multiple in-office visits. In addition to treating low T, Fountain TRT extends its services to include the treatment of related conditions such as erectile dysfunction. This comprehensive approach is proving beneficial to individuals seeking remedies for multiple health concerns, thereby increasing the overall effectiveness of their health regimen.


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Mark Willson, holding a Ph.D., functions as a psychotherapist in Washington, D.C. His specialized fields encompass addiction, anxiety, depression, as well as sexuality and interpersonal connections. Dr. Willson holds the distinction of being a diplomat for the American Board of Addiction and Anxiety, further serving as a certified counselor and addiction specialist.

Aside from his personal professional endeavors, Dr. Wilson has engaged in roles as an author, journalist, and creator within substantial medical documentary projects.

Isabella Clark, Ph.D., held the position of a professor within Emory University’s School of Medicine, working in the Department of Mental Health and Nutrition Science. Alongside this role, she served as a research associate affiliated with the National Research Center. Dr. Clark’s primary area of research centers on comprehending the mechanisms through which adverse social encounters, encompassing prolonged stress and traumatic exposure, contribute to a spectrum of detrimental mental health consequences and coexisting physical ailments like obesity. Her specific focus lies in unraveling the reasons behind the varying elevated susceptibility to stress-linked disorders between different genders.


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