HealthDitching Anxiety & Finding Your Muse: Part 2

Ditching Anxiety & Finding Your Muse: Part 2

In my previous article, Ditching Anxiety & Finding Your Muse: Part 1, I shared with you Joe’s success with self-hypnosis and how he moved up the corporate ladder without sacrificing his happiness. This week, I want to personally walk you through the process and show you how self-hypnosis really works.

I’ll teach you some of these tools and illustrate them with real life cases to help you realize that whatever challenges you face in your life – be they old belief patterns, stress, money concerns, job transitions, or other issues– you can, through the power of your mind, be the master of your own destiny. It may not happen tomorrow, but if you stay on the path, you can and will achieve great things.

Process at a Glance

Below is a summary of the process that you’ll be learning. Don’t worry, I’ll lead you through it all:

  • Craft a short phrase to describe and ‘feel’ your goal in present tense. Here are a few examples:
  • Feeling relaxed when I _____.
  • Happy, prosperous work.
  • Collaborative co-workers.
  • Feeling supported and accepted.
  • Attracting prosperous business contracts.
  • Clear out stress so that you are most open to positive change and positive patterns. Cultivate a community that supports this.
  • Learn to get into a hypnotic, relaxed ‘alpha’ state. There are many ways to do this and I’ll show you some options so you can pick one that resonates with you and practice it.
  • Follow any action steps or insights you get while in the relaxed state.
  • Develop the skill of neutrality to avoid getting pulled off your path.
  • Review the above steps and refine your goal if needed to ensure you’re staying on your path of optimal flow.

If you are reading these articles, you are meant to learn these tools and create a fulfilling life. You are here to express your talents to the world. I’ll teach you tools to awaken dormant skills and grow them so you can reach your goal and be more relaxed in your daily life. And always know I am with you, cheering you on and supporting you in this process. I want you to succeed and to be relaxed and happy.

Exercise One: Define What Makes You Truly Happy

Imagine that when you go to sleep tonight, a magical mist swept over you and you woke up to your ideal work or life situation. You have exactly what you want in regards to life or work. What is it? Really play the game and imagine having exactly what you want. Allow yourself to have it. I’m giving you permission now. Describe that scenario in your own words:

Example: I’ve got a higher education degree and I’m at a high position in a tech start-up company, with flexible hours, a good amount of freedom, the opportunity to expand the company, and the opportunity to travel. I live in a nice apartment in the city, not far from friends, and visit family pretty regularly. I’ve got a good assortment of hobbies and the time and money to pursue them, and do some freelance writing outside of work. I have a good, trusting relationship with friends, family, coworkers, and a significant other.

To activate that even more, now describe:

How are you feeling?

Example: I’m motivated to do well at work, and am content with my current situation. I also feel free to pursue what I want.

What do you look like in that place?

Example: Well put together, laid back, healthy, and active.

What are you wearing?

Example: Comfortable, relaxed clothing.

What is one thing you are saying?

Example: I feel good.

What are you eating for lunch?

Example: I’m eating a home-cooked meal at a friend’s home.

How do others respond to you?

Example: With respect, friendliness, openness, and a willingness to share their lives.

Exercise Two: Polish Your Goals

In the above exercise, you described in detail your ideal life/work situation, in essence, your goal. Now boil your goal down even more. Do this by describing your goal in seven words or less and write it in the present tense as if it has already happened. You will refer back to this goal often throughout the articles. Examples: I have happy, prosperous work, or I am relaxed and calm more often: I have time, security, and motivation.

If you would like more relaxed inspiration on what you’d like your life goal to be right now, listen to a recording of one of my classes on Relaxation Guided Imagery ©Dr. Barbara Cox, Ph.D.

Today we’ve identified your ideas of happiness and your goals. In the next part of my segment, I will show you how to reach a relaxed alpha-state to help you reach your goals a bit easier in life.

Other articles in this series include:

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©Dr. Barbara Cox, PhD 2011-2014 (Excerpts from “The Muse Process: 5 Essential Steps to Revitalize Your Life”)

Health Psychologist at Alliant International University

Barbara Cox, Ph.D., is a consulting psychologist and coach with a background in environmental health sciences. After graduating from the University of California, San Diego with a B.A. in Biology, she managed environmental projects for the Department of Defense and consulting firms. She transitioned to psychology, earning a Ph.D. in health psychology and specializing in hypnosis, intuition, and peak performance coaching. Dr. Cox focuses on helping intellectually grounded people explore their intuitive side and provides guidance, solutions, and change for individuals and organizations. Her work has been featured in various media. She also offers audio therapy.


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