About The Author:

Dr. Shauna Springer is a licensed psychologist and nationally recognized expert on close relationships and trauma. Dr. Springer received her undergraduate degree from Harvard University and her doctoral degree from the University of Florida.  Most recently, she was the Senior Director of the Suicide Prevention & Postvention program for TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors).

Known as “Doc Springer”, she is a trusted advisor for a vast network of veterans, military families and fellow thought leaders. Her uniquely perceptive insights have helped thousands of patients reconnect to hope, strengthen their relationships, and build lives driven by their values. Dr. Springer’s work has been featured on NPR, NBC, CBS Radio, Forbes, Psychology Today, and Military Times. She is co-author of the best-selling book, Beyond the Military, which explores the psychological, cultural and relational aspects of military transition. 

Her next book, WARRIOR: How to Support Those Who Protect Us brings the worlds of the warrior and those they protect together to shine new light on things that many thought we understood: Trust, Stigma, Firearms, The Imploding Mind, and Connection. WARRIOR will be published Spring 2020. 

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