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Adriano Schimmenti, Ph.D., DClinPsych

Associate Professor of Psychopathology
Affiliation: Kore University of Enna
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Adriano Schimmenti, Ph.D., DClinPsych, is an associate professor of psychopathology at UKE – Kore University of Enna, Italy.

After he obtained his master’s degree in psychology at the University of Palermo (magna cum laude), he moved to University of Turin where he was selected for the Ph.D. program in clinical psychology. There, he participated in the official training courses for the administration and scoring of several interview measures, including the Childhood Experience of Care and Abuse, the Adult Attachment Interview, the Attachment Style Interview, and the Psychopathy Checklist-Revised. For this reason, he is currently considered one of the best Italian experts on psychological interviews.

He defended his Ph.D. in 2009, with a dissertation on the traumatic roots of eating disorders. Then he moved back to Sicily where he came to his current position as an assistant professor at UKE – Kore University of Enna. Currently, he is also the editor of an Italian book series on Psychotraumatology (published by Giovanni Fioriti Editore in Rome) and Vice Director of the SIPDC (Italian Society of Psychological Assessment).He has published more than 150 scholarly works in the field of psychology: in particular, he has done extensive theoretical and empirical research on the effect of child abuse/neglect and dysfunctional parenting in the development of psychiatric disorders.

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