HealthAnxiety Attacks Plague Singer Adele

Anxiety Attacks Plague Singer Adele

  •  During her conversation with Oprah during the One Night Only event Adele opened up about the intense anxiety she experienced following her divorce.
  • Adele confided in Oprah sharing that she went through distressing episodes of anxiety after her marriage ended.
  • She also mentioned that regaining control over her body felt incredibly difficult at first. However a significant turning point for the 33 year old came through engaging in exercise; “I found that being, in the gym environment completely relieved my anxiety.”

Adele has now become more open about the impact of her divorce on her family. How it influenced her latest album, “30.” While she believes that ending her marriage with Simon Konecki was the decision she revealed during an exclusive event with Oprah that she struggled deeply with this choice resulting in intense episodes of anxiety.

“Once I left my marriage I experienced waves of anxiety ” shared Adele, who is 33 years old. “These attacks left me paralyzed and bewildered as if I had lost control over my own body. However in that state of detachment where I felt like I was on another plane altogether I remained aware of what was happening.”

According to experts at the Cleveland Clinic, an “anxiety attack” is commonly used to describe a panic attack. Dianne Chambless, Ph.D., a specialist in anxiety and panic disorders and a psychology professor at the University of Pennsylvania further explained that it involves a surge of intense anxiety both physically and emotionally. This surge rises quickly. Subsides, within minutes resembling a wave. Physical symptoms often include heartbeat, shortness of breath, sweating, numbness or tingling sensations, nausea and more.

This experience really made Adele more determined to prioritize her well being as she shared with Oprah. She explained that the reason the divorce affected her deeply was because she had always longed for a traditional family something she never experienced while growing up. This made parting ways with Konecki more heartbreaking.

Adele and Konecki have a 9 year son named Angelo. Adele revealed that from an age she had always wanted to create a strong and united family when she became a parent. This desire stayed with her for a time. However eventually she realized that getting divorced was the viable option. She expressed feeling disappointment for her son and herself in this special moment as she had hoped to break those repetitive patterns.

To find comfort amidst anxiety Adele found solace in rigorous exercise and going to the gym. She noticed how much she relied on her trainers presence during times of confusion and how engaging in activities at the gym seemed to completely alleviate her anxiety. Those moments at the gym became like a sanctuary for her—a purpose, during times when everything seemed uncertain.

Over time her growing interest in fitness and her committed exercise routine resulted in a weight loss of 100 pounds. In an interview with Vogue Adele shared that she had a revelation – rather than solely focusing on shedding weight working out actually helped alleviate her anxiety. She discovered that by strengthening her body it could have positive effects on her emotional and mental well being.

In a manner Adele jokingly remarked that maybe she should have pursued a career in athletics instead. She humorously mentioned how her school days could have been better spent on education rather than being preoccupied with boys.

However exercise was not the solution for coping with the anxiety caused by her divorce. Adele also found comfort through practices such as baths, meditation, therapy and spending quality time alone. Reflecting on this journey in Vogue she expressed the realization that she can be a source of stability for herself – a fortress that remains unwavering even during turbulent times.

Despite the passage of time Adele acknowledges that she continues to grapple with the impact of her divorce on her son Angelo. During a conversation, with Oprah called “One Night Only ” she confided that she hasn’t completely overcome the fact that her decision disrupted her childs life for the sake of herself.

When asked about feeling guilty Adele pondered, “I wouldn’t exactly call it guilt; it’s, like occasional self focus.. I’m gradually working towards my goal of finding my own happiness.”

like many others Adele acknowledges the importance of love and stability. “My ultimate life goal is to both give and receive love ” Adele confirmed. “However I’ve come to realize that I don’t have to depend on others for stability. I have the ability to be my source of strength unwavering even when faced with challenges.”

Mark Willson, holding a Ph.D., functions as a psychotherapist in Washington, D.C. His specialized fields encompass addiction, anxiety, depression, as well as sexuality and interpersonal connections. Dr. Willson holds the distinction of being a diplomat for the American Board of Addiction and Anxiety, further serving as a certified counselor and addiction specialist.

Aside from his personal professional endeavors, Dr. Wilson has engaged in roles as an author, journalist, and creator within substantial medical documentary projects.


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