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Nicolas Rohleder

Associate Professor of Psychology
Affiliation: Brandeis University
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Dr. Rohleder’s expertise is in human psychoneuroimmunologal and psychoneuroendocrinologal research. In particular, Dr. Rohleder is the Co-Director of the Laboratory for Biological Health Psychology, in which current research addresses the question how acute and chronic stress is translated into pathophysiological mechanisms at the level of organs and cells.

Dr. Rohleder’s main research interest is the interaction between the central nervous system with the periphery of the body. More specifically, research focuses on how central nervous system states affect biomedical health through efferent signaling pathways. For example, current projects address the question whether and how repeated stress exposure during the lifespan can lead to cumulative organ damage and thus accelerate the aging process. He received his Ph.D. from University of Trier.

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