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Jeremy Hulley, MA, LMHC, SEP

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Affiliation: Bastyr University
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Social Engagement: 133
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Jeremy Hulley earned his master’s degree in applied behavioral science with a focus on Family Systems Counseling, from the Leadership Institute of Seattle in 2003. He has worked with foster and adoptive families for more than 13 years. He now has a private practice working with children, ages eight and up, adults, couples and families in Seattle, Washington. Jeremy specializes in adoption and foster care issues, anxiety, PTSD and other trauma related stress disorders.

Jeremy is currently in the second year of a three year professional training in Somatic Experiencing. SE® and nervous system health is the newest lens through which Jeremy works with clients. This practice provides Jeremy with tools that allow clients to gain access to their own nervous system’s natural capacity for easing stress and healing.

Jeremy also actively trains, and is a revered teacher, in several aspects of Japanese Martial Arts. He is interested in the connections between martial arts training, nervous system health and the possible protective factors for PTSD that are potentially a result of training.

Jeremy is also an avid cook. He experiments with flavors and finds a creative outlet in preparing unique and delicious meals for his family and friends.

Jeremy lives in Seattle with his wife and newborn son.

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