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Alexandra Janelli, C.Ht.

Affiliation: Hypnosis Motivation Institute
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Alexandra Janelli is considered one of New York City’s premier hypnotherapists who has worked with Academy Award Nominee Actors, world-renowned photographers, singers, top-level executives, and professionals across many sectors of business. She has also worked with students and children. She has been featured on MTV, Swell City Guide, Dossier Journal, The New Yorker, Time Out Chicago, and various other publications for her hypnotherapy and creativity. Alexandra helps clients push through and passed their blocks to achieve their goals with the power of her hypnotherapeutic-based approach.

Alexandra is a graduate of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the first nationally accredited hypnosis program, where she received an Advanced Training Graduate Diploma in hypnotherapy and handwriting analysis. In 2010, Alexandra founded Theta Spring Hypnosis in Chicago then moved her practice to New York City. A born and raised New Yorker with a background in consulting, Alexandra can cater to a wide variety of clientele through her caring and attentive listening.

With a drive to bring hypnotherapy to the forefront of alternative therapies, Alexandra has started her online store and sustains a private practice in NYC in order to provide everyone with the ability to find their power from within. Alexandra’s passion and commitment to each client and issue is immeasurable. Life isn’t always easy, but she provides new tools and perspective for clients to become the best they can. This is the driving force behind the Theta Spring brand and the woman who started it all.

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