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Editorial Guidelines

At Anxiety, our primary goal is to educate people by providing science-based information on a variety of health-related topics in easy-to-understand language.

Our commitment to improving the well-being of people in the U.S. and around the world carries with it an important responsibility to report on health-related issues.

As a result, our content is produced exclusively by professional journalists and medical writers, including MDs, ODs, RNs, and other experts recognized in their respective fields. However, recognizing that occasional errors are inevitable, we have established a board of medical advisors and fact checkers to carefully review our content. This process ensures that everything we publish is accurate, clear, based on scientific evidence, and reflects the latest research.

In every piece of content we produce, accuracy is our top priority, and we adhere strictly to our editorial guidelines, which are designed to maintain the integrity and impartiality of our organization.

While we provide health-related information from leading experts, we do not intend to replace medical care. Instead, we strongly encourage our readers to seek professional help for any health concerns they may have.

Editorial integrity and independence

The editors, contributors, and medical advisory board value freedom of expression and are firmly committed to independent, ethical, and unbiased journalism. As a result, our content remains uninfluenced by any academic, business, or political affiliation.

We strictly refrain from subjecting our content to any third-party pre-publication review or approval process, and our writers never accept gifts, payments, free travel, or other benefits in exchange for favorable coverage. Any potential or existing conflicts of interest or relationships, whether financial, professional, personal, or otherwise, are openly disclosed to our readers in every publication.

Advertisements on the Anxiety website are always clearly labeled, and we never give preferential treatment to advertisers. For more details on this process, we encourage our readers to review our Terms and Conditions.

Our ultimate goal is to present diverse viewpoints and opinions based on scientific evidence and provided by experts in their respective fields.

Work principles

At Anxiety, we take a rigorous approach to sourcing information, relying on reputable and reliable sources such as studies from peer-reviewed journals, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations. We take seriously our responsibility to inform our readers about the limitations and shortcomings of these sources.

In our commitment to accuracy and integrity, we ensure that quotes from interviewees and experts in relevant fields are presented accurately, without distortion or manipulation of context. We also refrain from interviewing individuals with potential affiliations that could create conflicts of interest.

Our commitment to quality content means that our publications will not contain hate speech, unnecessary sensationalism, distortion, exaggeration, bias, carelessness, half-truths or deception.

Regularly monitoring and updating content is an integral part of our process as we strive to share the most current and accurate information available.

Recognizing that mistakes can occur, we promptly correct any errors in our content and are transparent about what was corrected and when.

Anxiety embraces diversity and seeks to amplify diverse voices and experiences. Our writers actively work to identify and overcome their biases to ensure that our content is presented in an unbiased and clear manner.

We are mindful of our use of language, prioritizing person-first language and avoiding defining people by their conditions. Our approach is empathetic, choosing to empower rather than victimize people with health conditions.


Our writers are fully responsible for the uniqueness and authenticity of the content they submit for publication. They adhere to all relevant laws, standards and established journalistic methods and refrain from duplicating the efforts of others.