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Thea Gallagher, Psy.D., is the Clinic Director at the Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety (CTSA) in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Gallagher completed her Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Gallagher joined the CTSA in 2014 after the completion of her clinical internship at Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems. At the CTSA, Dr. Gallagher currently coordinates the OCD treatment study, and is a study therapist. Dr. Gallagher also serves as the CTSA media coordinator. Clinically, Dr. Gallagher specializes in Prolonged Exposure Therapy (PE) for PTSD, Exposure and Response (Ritual) Prevention (EX/RP) for OCD, and cognitive-behavioral treatments for social anxiety, panic disorder, specific phobias, and generalized anxiety.


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