AnxietyMargaret Gail Distler, MD, PhD

Margaret Gail Distler, MD, PhD

Associate Director, UCLA Anxiety Disorders Program
Affiliation: University of California, Los Angeles
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Dr. Distler assists with the administration of the Anxiety Disorders Clinic and supervises psychiatry residents in both CBT and medication management. She earned her MD and PhD from the University of Chicago with honors. Her PhD studies focused on the genetic and molecular basis of anxiety. She completed her psychiatry residency at UCLA, where she was the chief resident in the Anxiety Disorders Clinic and participated in clinical and basic research on anxiety and depression.

Dr. Distler has several clinical duties in addition to her work in the Anxiety Disorders Clinic. At UCLA, she treats college students with mental illness and is the Associate Medical Director of the UCLA Aftercare program, where she treats patients with first-episode schizophrenia. She also works at the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs hospital, where she assists with the administration of their Anxiety Disorders Clinic, supervises psychiatry residents, and develops residency curricula.

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