So much of the foods we eat are processed foods, meaning they carry preservatives like sodium benzoate. People like to save money by buying food that last a long time. Adding preservatives, like sodium benzoate, to food increases its shelf life, but unlike the other anxiety-aggravating foods on this list, high dosages of sodium benzoate actually induces anxiety. Here are some foods high in sodium benzoate:

Fruit Juice Products



A recent study shows sodium benzoate, a preservative common in soda, causing anxiety in healthy rats in as little as 4 weeks. So switching from a balance diet, to one consisting of chips, soda, and fast food, can make you flip a switch from happy to anxious.

The FDA has deemed small dosages of sodium benzoate as safe for human consumption. But the scary thing about sodium benzoate is that you find it in everything. Sodium benzoate is used to preserve the shelf life of products beyond food. The compound is used in everything from make-up, to lip balm, to mouth wash. Completely eliminating this preservative from your lifestyle is near impossible. However, you can control how much sodium benzoate you eat by avoiding foods known to have preservatives. Sodium benzoate can often be found on a nutrition label as E211.

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Updated on: November 22, 2016