Like many pregnant women, reality TV show star Kim Kardashain is battling with anxiety concerning her soon-to-arrive baby. The cure? Hypnotherapy.

According to, Kim is seeking hypnotherapy to aid her anxiety concerning giving birth. Such worries are not uncommon among pregnant women. In fact, in a recent governmental study, 15.9% of parents-to-be were either anxious and/or depressed in the months leading up to delivery.

A Royal Decree

The idea for Kim's treatment came from Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. According to a family insider, Kim greatly admires Kate and hopes that one day, she and Kate can meet and can arrange a play date with their children.

But the two women are going through hypnotherapy for very different reasons. Kate was suffering from debilitating morning sickness while Kim is encountering problems with anxiety. Can both truly be treated with hypnotherapy?

What is Hypnotherapy?

Traditionally, hypnotherapy is used to treat phobias, anxiety, stress, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, grief, and sleep disorders. Its goal is to relax the patient enough to explore the mental issues that plague their lives. This method also causes the patient to be more open to suggestions for coping with these issues. For pregnant women, this can mean an easier birth, the postponement of premature labor, and an easier time turning a breech baby.

While Kate's use of hypnotherapy is a bit unconventional, it seems to have helped the mother-to-be. The same can be said for Kim, who, with the support of friends and family, is on the road to improvement.

Sleeping Beauty

But hypnotherapy can only help patients for as long as they undergo the treatment. True, patients learn valuable coping techniques and positive phrases, but the device for finding the root of problems, hypnosis, is removed once the patient stops attending therapy.

It is for this reason that hypnotherapists suggest that pregnant women, like Kim and Kate, continue this regiment past the birth of their baby. As hypnotherapist Charles Whobrey told “Everyone can benefit from positive visualizations of health and wellness, and recreating beliefs that no longer serve you."

Other Methods

Another common form of therapy that women like Kate and Kim should consider is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Like hypnotherapy, CBT focuses on how thoughts influence emotions, specifically how negative or inaccurate thoughts can determine actions. CBT therapists focus on uprooting these thoughts in the conscious mind and examining them so that they no longer stimulate negative action. Online applications, such as the ABCtracker, can help monitor and establish triggers of these anxiety woes.

Through these methods, Kim Kardashian may improve her line of thought and even have an easier birthing experience.

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